I Love Sandals…

In 2013 we decided that our Love for Sandals, is able to declare comfortable  style in the streets.

Our passion for stylish comfort in real leather walking expressions inspired us to create ‘I Love Sandals’. From that time, sandals lovers acquired a fashionable, comfortable, hand-made choice for their walking life.

Our long experience in fashion, in combination with our innate passion for stylish creativity introduced a new way to perceive stylish walking.

In particular, minimalism, no insole or upper leather stitching, and environmental-friendly dyed leathers characterizes our collection.

As summer in Greece connotes a relaxed and carefree casual life under the sun, we decided to expand a brand that perfectly fits to this culture. “I Love Sandals” brand symbolizes those who are happy, relaxed, and have active life. Those who are treading on “Time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time”.

Our mission is to connote stylish simplicity all over the world.

Walking your sandals, you realize that what you had felt till now was not real love!

Now that you know, Enjoy!


 Kassaras Dimitris & Verykakis Antonis

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